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Webinar: Sustaining Science Gateways—Finding your "best fit" model

March 14, 2018

Sustaining Science Gateways—Finding your "best fit" model

Presented by Nancy Maron, Principal and Founder, BlueSky to BluePrint

Digital projects – science gateways, data repositories, educational websites, and others—have a few things in common. They can deliver a great deal of value to users – by sharing widely sophisticated tools, large data sets, or access to computing capacity among those in the academic sector who really need them to advance their work.  But they share something else in common, too: They are devilishly hard to run in a way that permits ongoing growth and expansion.

In this webinar, Nancy Maron, a lead instructor in the Science Gateways Bootcamp, introduces participants to the key elements of sustainability planning – the building blocks for developing Science Gateways that have the best chance for ongoing growth.

The webinar will introduce sustainability models and share some key tactics for identifying the models that are most likely to work for your gateway. We will touch upon funding models, the competitive environment, and audience assessment, to show how these need to be considered in tandem with any plan.

Nancy will also offer a brief overview of the upcoming Science Gateways Bootcamp, running in May 2018.

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