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Webinar: Interactive Best Practices: Job Management & Scheduling

August 9, 2017

Interactive Best Practices: Job Management & Scheduling

Featuring presentations by:
Todd Tannenbaum, HTCondor Project
Mark Miller, CIPRES
Sudhakar Pamidighantam, SEAgrid

Do you wonder what is the best way to manage and schedule computational jobs? How do experts approach this task? This month’s webinar invites people from a variety of resources to share how they approach job management and scheduling. The resources represented include the Condor Project, the CIPRES gateway, and the SEAGrid gateway.

Slides about HTCondor

Slides about CIPRES

Slides about SEAGrid

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Questions asked in Chat during the webinar

Q: Can SEAGrid be locally hosted (say within a HUBzero hub) or does it require SciGaP? 
A: Yes, they can be hosted anywhere. To learn more details, jump to the 56 minute mark in the video recording.

Q: Is the repository for SEAGrid sharing publicly available?
A: Yes, it is on GitHub and can be forked.