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2017 SGCI Summer Internship Reports: Joel Gonzalez-Santiago

Each year, our Workforce Development team offers summer internships for students interested in developing their gateway development skills. Eligible participants are placed at one of several SGCI partner sites. We will be sharing some of the experiences of our 2017 student interns in a series of blog posts entitled SGCI Summer Internship Reports.

Featured below is SGCI summer intern Joel Gonzalez-Santiago, a senior at Elizabeth City State University. 


Tell us a little bit about yourself, including what you are studying.

I am a senior at Elizabeth City State University finishing up my studies in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems and two minors in Public Health and Sanitation and Geographical Information Systems. I was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and lived on the mainland USA for most of my life. My studies have always been interdisciplinary. Since middle school I haveparticipated in specialized programs to advance my education and experiences. Through my programs, I have studied aspects of counter terrorism, glaciology, oceanography, and more.

Where did your internship take place, and who did you work with?

My internship was at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, with nanoHUB. I was under the guidance and mentoring of Dr. Lynn Zentner. The work was mostly independent, however, I did receive some input from the other students who workedin the same building as me.

What are some things that you learned as a result of this internship?

I learned a lot about nanoHUB! It is way more than a website with web applications. It is a large site with courses, projects, news, and so much more.

Do you see yourself engaging with SGCI again in the future? Perhaps when you begin your career?

I definitely do. I am currently applying to graduate schools and plan to continue engaging with SGCI. I will be at the Gateways 2017 conference this month! I am looking to find more information about graduate schools and tolearn about other students’ research. It is always amazing to see what other students are doing in their field of study. As I start my career, I will hopefully be able to continue my participation with professional groups such as SGCI.

Anything else to add about your internship experience?  

I have nothing more to add other than I am grateful for the opportunity. I hope my small contribution helps nanoHUB continue to provide the scientific community a wonderful place of collaboration.

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