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Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software 2021 (CW21): Free, Remote Workshop

The 2021 Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software invites 2-4 page white papers, posters, and short recorded talks (<15 min) on scientific software development. The workshops bring together representatives from universities, laboratories, and industry; they are designed to increase awareness of the common needs, contributions, and career paths of scientific software development. The workshop series began in 2019 and focuses this year on software teams. Workshop registration is just a Slack channel subscription away! 

Workshop contributions should discuss software teams. To improve the impact of software on science and scientists, we must understand how scientific software teams function and how teamwork can be improved. We are interested in topics related to small teams, large teams, and teams of teams. We are interested in teams that produce scientific software for themselves (developer-user teams), teams that produce scientific software for others, and teams that use (but might not develop) software in their research. Both sharing your own experiences or reporting on research you've done in this area are welcome!


Information on how to contribute to CW21 is here: