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Webinar: Delta—A Large-Scale GPU Resource for Science Gateways

June 9, 2021

Presented by:
Tim Boerner, Senior Assistant Director for the Delta Project Office, NCSA
Brett Bode, Assistant Director for the Blue Waters Project Office, NCSA
Greg Bauer, Lead for the Science and Engineering Applications Support, NCSA

Delta will be the largest GPU resource in the NSF portfolio and is scheduled to launch in fall 2021. The world of research codes and optimizing them to utilize GPUs is a rapidly evolving area. This area of research computing has grown from GPUs as accelerated computing support for special applications to a broad mix of uses, including hybrid computing, machine learning, accelerated computing, visualization, and user interactive computing. This presentation will share details about Delta and how you can get your science gateway’s research codes up and running.

SGCI is proud to be a partner in the development of Delta. Read more about the collaboration.

Webinar Slides