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Another Cohort Gets a Jumpstart on Sustainability Planning

"Despite the fact that our gateway is yet to be launched, I found my participation in the Jumpstart workshop to be very beneficial and would strongly recommend it to others who are still in the development and design stage. The instructors are very experienced in helping those of us unfamiliar with the business world understand how to define our value to different audiences and market to existing gaps in the gateway marketplace."

Andrea Torvinen, Ph.D.
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Human Evolution & Social Change
Arizona State University

If only you could, in a snap of your fingers, achieve sustainability for your gateway project. We can’t make it that easy, but we can make it easier by providing you with the tools you need to succeed. That’s why we developed our sustainability training offerings: Gateway Focus Week and Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan.

With Gateway Focus Week, you get five days of intensive instruction to help you produce a strong development, operations, and sustainability plan. While we recommend the Focus Week experience for all project teams serious about achieving sustainability, we acknowledge that the five-day commitment isn’t always possible. This is where the Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan mini-course comes in.

Our most recent session, held December 6-8, 2021, brought together a group of 30 participants representing a wide range of disciplines with projects in various stages of development. This group, a lively and engaged bunch, came ready to learn and eager to share their experiences and wisdom.

"It's really hard to find time to step back from working on your project to think about sustainability, but that's exactly what people tell us they love about the course. I really enjoy helping people think about their work in new ways."

Nancy Maron,  Lead Instructor, Focus Week & Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan

Focus Week and Jumpstart’s lead instructors, Nancy Maron and Juliana Casavan, led the group through lessons that covered the key components of a sustainability strategy, practical steps for developing a plan, and pitfalls to avoid. The course was presented over 3 days with short, 1 ½ hour-long sessions and included lively discussion (the chat was even jumping with great info and discourse. So much so, that the group requested we save and share the chat log with them after the mini-course ended!).

There will be more sustainability training opportunities in 2022! The best way to stay tuned for date announcements is to sign up for our newsletter.