Computational and Data Science Research Specialist III at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, UCSD

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) is currently seeking a Computational and Data Science Research Specialist III.  

The Computational and Data Science Research Specialist III will collaborate closely with research teams to design and develop end-to-end CI solutions that streamline access to distributed computing & data resources. S/he will develop and optimize a variety of computational, data science, and CI research tools, components, and applications. The incumbent will use computer science, data science, and CI software research and development principles, with relevant domain science knowledge where applicable, along with professional programming concepts for medium-sized projects or portions of larger projects. S/he will research and identify novel cyberinfrastructure approaches to deliver solutions for a wide range of use cases including science gateways, data integrity and provenance, native applications, and web services. The successful candidate will perform research on current and future technologies related to HPC, cloud computing, data provenance, blockchain, and user interfaces.

Incumbent's primary role is to develop cyberinfrastructure to lower the barrier of using HPC and data resources and to provide support for scientific clients and researchers of SDSC HPC systems. S/he will work with SDSC program managers to develop and maintain research collaborations/projects utilizing the SDSC HPC resources and will proactively work with researchers and users of HPC and UC campus cluster resources to identify research computational and data analytics needs and lead development projects that address them within the distributed computing framework.

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