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ACCESS Science Gateways Integration

The ACCESS program is delighted to announce documentation and consultant support for integrating ACCESS allocated science gateways into the ACCESS cyberinfrastructure environment. The Science Gateway Integration Roadmap documentation is available through the Operations portal at

This comprehensive documentation provides detailed instructions on how to integrate and operate science gateways in ACCESS. It covers a range of tasks, including describing the science gateway to enable research discovery, requesting ACCESS allocations and community accounts, creating affinity group where gateway users can interact, and reporting which gateway users consumed allocated resources. A science gateways integration concierge/consultant is available to assist with the integration process, and the integration roadmap documentation.

In addition to publishing the roadmap documentation for science gateways, we have successfully registered the science gateways in CiDer. You can access the registered gateways at under ORGANIZATIONS --> ACCESS.

If you need any help, submit a support ticket with the ACCESS Operations Integration Concierge Team.