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Gateways 2023 Keynotes: From user-centered design to science communication

By: Claire Stirm


At Gateways 2023, we heard from three amazing keynotes: Alex Wright, Wendy Nilsen, and Joe Palca. Each keynote brought perspective and insight to the science gateway community on three areas: user-centered design, project collaboration, and science communication. Watch the recordings from each keynote via the links below.

Alex Wright

Title: Design for Understanding

Abstract:  In a world of too much information, what role might design play in making science more accessible to the public? This talk will explore the possibilities of design thinking and user-centered design methods in shaping our approach to scientific knowledge sharing, along with case studies and a few historical examples of past attempts to tackle humanity's age-old challenge of organizing the world's information.

Watch the recording of Alex Wright's keynote


Wendy Nilsen

Title: The Challenge of Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Can I Collaborate on My Own?


While collaboration has become a central principle in much of the scientific community, the ability to partner across fields has remained challenging. There are well documented issues of language and culture varying across disciplines, but also an acknowledgement that creating effective interdisciplinary teams requires a set of skills that is not traditionally taught in academia. This talk addresses some of these difficulties and showcases some of the approaches developed to create gateways between communities.

Watch the recording of Wendy Nilsen's keynote


Joe Palca

Title: The Truth About Science Communication.

Abstract: Lessons learned from a four-decade career communicating science to the public. Some insight about when science is news and how to make an obscure topic interesting. Thoughts about the importance of a PhD to being a good science journalist.

Watch the recording of Joe Palca's keynote