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Gateways 2022 Travel Support Blog: Saatvik Arya

Attending Gateways 2022 

By: Saatvik Arya

I traveled from Seattle to attend the Gateways 2022 conference. I was there to represent Engine for Malware Technology, a virtual research environment to simplify the development and use of standardized workflows for real-time detection of malware in Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

The day after I landed in San Diego, I attended the Poster Session, which gave me an opportunity to network with colleagues and learn more about the posters being presented at Gateways 2022. I found Unidata Science Gateway Reimagined: Unifying Access to Educational and Research Resources by Julien Chastang, Nicole Corbin, Ethan Davis, Bobby Espinoza, and Tanya Vance particularly intriguing as access to education and research resources is restricted to many students particularly in institutions outside the United States. It was great to see Unidata Science Gateway address this by making educational and research data more accessible in the field of Earth Systems Science.

The following two days I spent learning from the keynotes and sessions. Below are some of the highlights:

  • Demo on Building a sustainable, open science data web application with zero budget was great at showcasing how a web application can be bootstrapped with existing technologies like Github Pages. Later that day I spent some more time getting familiar with integrating Jupyter notebooks with Github Pages as a hosting platform. Using AWS for hosting Jupyter notebook would be another way to add scalability while increasing the maintenance tasks.
  • Getting an overview of the solutions at the Gateways 2022 at the poster session
  • Coming from a Software and Information Technology background, the keynote on using AI and Graph Systems as Foundations for Next Generation Learning Experiences by Krishna Madhavan was showcased the ability to integrate AI as a learning coach using existing Microsoft technologies such as Azure, Microsoft Graph and LinkedIn Economic Graph.
  • Food at venue was delicious!
  • Some of the more Science Gateways focused session were a great learning experience for me as I did not have much prior knowledge around community building and communication involved in Science Gateways.
  • Data Curation and Workflows sessions on Tapis Streams API gave insight into the process of making an API secure, accessible and performant
  • HPC Use Cases session on The Delta Gateway: Exploring Community Use of GPU Resources through a Science Gateway was a great way to showcase how the latest technology advancements in GPU from Nvidia and AMD can exponentially accelerate the rate of solving protein-ligand tests that would take significantly longer with current lab resources
  • The mix of demos, poster session, keynotes, and tutorials did a great job in showcasing the breadth of solutions at the Gateways 2022 conference

Overall, the Gateways 2022 conference provided me with an informative overview of the breadth of solutions for problems ranging from cybersecurity to data curation, and communication for Science Gateways.

Gateways 2022 took place from October 18-20, 2022 in San Diego, CA.

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