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Recommendations For Improving the Security of a Science Gateway

The SGCI personnel who deliver cybersecurity consultations to the science gateway community through our partnership with Trusted CI have worked with multiple science gateways. From their interactions with these teams, Ishan Abhinit, Shane Filus, and Mark Krenz have developed a document that provides recommendations on improving the security of science gateways.

This document provides an ease of implementation ordered list of security recommendations that can be used to help improve the security of a science gateway. It is focused on helping the science gateway that is implemented by a small team.

This guide is available to any team that would like to improve its gateway's security:

Authors: Abhinit, Ishan; Filus, Shane; Krenz, Mark

Keywords: science gateways; cybersecurity; Trusted CI; security; recommendations; SGCI


Date: 2021-09-14

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Type: Technical Report