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SGCI Client CoMSES.Net Awarded $4.2M NSF Grant

The Network for Computational Modeling in Social and Ecological Sciences, or CoMSES Net, began as a bottom-up, community-driven initiative to support transparency, reusability, reproducibility, and other good practices for computational modeling in the social and ecological sciences. Now, with a new $4.2 million grant from NSF, the gateway will develop new cyberinfrastructure and technology to advance the next generation of human-earth systems modeling, produce online educational materials, and expand its existing online library. The project, “An Integrative Cyberinfrastructure Framework for Next-Generation Modeling Science,” is funded by the NSF Cyberinfrastructure for Sustained Scientific Innovation (CSSI) program.

The CoMSES Net team has participated in SGCI’s Gateway Focus Week, which helped them start thinking about their gateway from a business perspective and to tackle big, long-term questions about operations, budgets, and value to users. They also worked with SGCI usability consultants and received an evaluation that provided clear targets and action items for improving the user experience.

As part of their new project, the CoMSES Net team will work with SGCI’s embedded developer support to implement many of these recommendations for an improved user experience. This will include integrating OSG/PATh, and helping integrate with GitHub, among other things.

Congratulations to the CoMSES Net team! Read more about their award and future work here.