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SGX3 2024 Pre-Internship Report: Sowbaranika Balasubramaniam

Each year, our Workforce Development team offers summer internships for students interested in developing their gateway development skills. For the summer of 2024, interns were placed at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). We will be sharing some of our 2024 student interns' experiences in a series of blog posts entitled SGX3 Summer Internship Reports as they start their summer internships. 

Featured below is SGX3 summer intern Sowbaranika Balasubramaniam, a student at the Ohio State University studying Computer Science Engineering specializing in Machine Learning.

  • What skills or knowledge are you hoping to gain during your internship?
    • During the internship, I hope to enhance my software development skills, gain a deeper understanding of high-performance computing (HPC), and develop strong collaborative abilities. These experiences will enable me to contribute effectively to the field of computational science.
  • What motivated you into choosing this particular internship opportunity and how do you see that fitting into your future goals?
    • The main motivation behind choosing the SGX3 internship stems from my deep interest in advanced computational tools and scientific research. During my master’s degree, I developed a strong foundation in software development and machine learning. I am excited to apply these skills in a collaborative environment that supports scientific innovation. This internship perfectly aligns with my goal of building innovative projects. Looking ahead, I aspire to pursue a career at the intersection of computer science and scientific research, possibly in roles such as a software engineer for research infrastructures or a data scientist. The experience and knowledge I gain from this internship will be invaluable in achieving these goals.
  • What unique perspective or ideas do you hope to bring to the internship program this summer?
    • I believe in the power of combining machine learning and software development with intuitive user interfaces to create powerful tools for researchers. One specific idea I would like to explore is developing advanced machine learning models coupled with a user-friendly interface that provides researchers with efficient and accessible resources. By focusing on usability and functionality, I aim to create tools that not only enhance research productivity but also streamline the process of data analysis and resource management.
  • Please share with us what led you to study your degree and what is exciting to you about your area of focus?
    • From a young age, I was always fascinated by technology and how it simplifies day-to-day life. I remember being captivated by the way software could solve complex problems, which sparked my interest in programming during high school. After taking my first computer science course, I knew this was the field I wanted to pursue. The limitless potential of technology and its ever-evolving nature inspired me to study computer science in my undergraduate studies and further into my master’s program, where I focused on machine learning and software engineering. What excites me most about this area is the ability to create intelligent systems that can learn and adapt, solving real-world problems in innovative ways. The intersection of machine learning and software engineering offers endless opportunities to drive technological advancements and make a tangible impact on various industries.
  • Austin is known for its exciting culture and activities. What are you most looking forward to doing while in Austin, TX?
    • I am excited to attend various live music events and experience Austin’s renowned music scene. I also love trying new cuisines, and I can’t wait to explore the food trucks and local restaurants. Additionally, I am looking forward to outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and paddleboarding, which will allow me to enjoy Austin’s natural beauty.

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