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ACCESS Launches Student Training and Engagement Program (STEP)

ACCESS Launches Student Training and Engagement Program
Please help spread the word to students who may be interested in pursuing a career in cyberinfrastructure!

ACCESS Operations is launching its Student Training and Engagement Program (STEP)! STEP will function as a three-phase program intended for undergraduates or early-career graduate students interested in pursuing careers in cyberinfrastructure. 

The first phase, STEP-1, is a two-week, in-person experience in Miami, May 15-27. It’s open to all, including younger students with less experience. 

Students who complete STEP-1, have at least 60 credit hours under their belts, and want to advance further toward a career in cyberinfrastructure can then move on to the second phase of the program, STEP-2, which is a full-time, paid summer internship.

The third and final phase of the program, STEP-3, is for those looking for a year-round, part-time, paid internship experience. 

The deadline to apply is March 15, 2023. Read more about this opportunity here.