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CISA Compiles Free Cybersecurity Services and Tools for Network Defenders

CISA has compiled and published a list of free cybersecurity services and tools to help organizations reduce cybersecurity risk and strengthen resiliency. This non-exhaustive living repository includes services provided by CISA, widely used open source tools, and free tools and services offered by private and public sector organizations across the cybersecurity community. Before turning to the free offerings, CISA strongly recommends organizations take certain foundational measures to implement a strong cybersecurity program:

  • Fix known security flaws in software.
  • Implement multifactor authentication.
  • Take steps to halt bad practices, including the use of end-of-life software products and systems that rely on known/default/unchangeable passwords.
  • Sign up for CISA’s Cyber Hygiene Vulnerability Scanning service.
  • Reduce your attack surface by getting your “Stuff Off Search (S.O.S.).”

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