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FAIR4VREs first working group meeting

The first monthly FAIR4VREs working group meeting is on 15 September at 20:30 UTC. 

For more information and Zoom details: 

The FAIR4VREs WG is working towards identifying how VREs can and should be FAIR and also enable FAIRness for other digital objects. We have held working sessions at the 18th and 19th RDA Plenaries, where we discussed how the existing applications of the FAIR principles to digital objects translate to VREs, and began to identify the gaps in the existing work.

The co-chairs (Kerry Levett, Sandra Gesing, Kheeran Dharmawardena, Leyla Jael Castro) would like to invite all current working group members and interested newcomers to join us once a month to continue this work. At this first meeting we will be discussing Findability and Accessibility for VREs (Virtual Research Environments). 

To learn about the discussion to date see our google folder: FAIR4VREs RDA WG