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HICSS-58 Call for Papers - Software Sustainability: Research on Usability, Maintainability, and Reproducibility Minitrack

This minitrack is dedicated to exploring the critical intersection of software usability, sustainability, and reproducibility, acknowledging the expanding role of software in shaping research across diverse domains. The three concepts usability, sustainability and reproducibility are interconnected with each other and cover a wide range of application areas. They affect all layers of the software process – from enabling reproducing experiments via an easy user interface to using containerization for application portability. Such concepts are also relevant in the building of Science Gateways (also known as virtual laboratories or virtual research environments), which by definition serve communities with end-to-end solutions tailored specifically to their needs. The mini-track will focus on the broad spectrum of submissions that deal with complex scenarios such as containerization, strategies for long-lasting software, usability and user interface issues, handling data curation and provenance and more.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Web-based solutions (web sites, science gateways, virtual labs, etc.)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Computational and Data-Intensive Workflows
  • Novel approaches in containerization
  • Sustainability practices in software development
  • System architectures for testing and continuous integration
  • Emerging best practices in Machine Learning software
  • Best practices and Key Success Factors for usability, sustainability and reproducibility
  • Community building practices
  • Sustainability practices in software development, with a focus on AI applications
  • System architectures for testing and continuous integration in AI systems
  • Emerging best practices in AI and Machine Learning software
  • Addressing ethical considerations in AI-related software
  • Best practices and Key Success Factors for usability, sustainability, and reproducibility in the context of AI

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