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How to Get Attention for Research Project Outputs, Part 2

2022 Webinar Series Highlighting RDA Outputs Hosted by RDA-US   How to Get Attention for Research Project Outputs, Part 2 31 March 2022 - 16:00 to 17:00 UTC Following on from our highly attended event in October, this webinar continues to explore how to build awareness and create engagement in the academic community, around RDA research project outputs and other initiatives, with a focus on open research practice. The webinar will address key steps in defining, prioritizing, and reaching audiences that most need to hear about your research outputs. We will also talk about how to frame your offering in a way that resonates with the intended audience, how best to reach them, and how to build an action plan for getting the attention and engagement you need. Register here More details: The RDA Working Groups commit a great deal of time and expertise developing recommendations that can significantly impact research data practices, policies, and systems. But, capturing attention from colleagues all over the world, who have the power to act on these insights and effect change, is a whole other job. Join us and learn practical tips and proven strategies for getting attention and fostering engagement from the stakeholders you need. The research community is skeptical of marketing for good reason. But, there is a system for using what works in marketing to effect social and behaviour change for good. It’s called Social Marketing. Social Marketing has been an important strategy in public health promotion for 30 years and has significant potential to help to advance change in the research community. At our first webinar, Jennifer described how, in intervening in the research lifecycle to promote different behaviors (including data-sharing) and nurture associated benefits for research and society, we’re engaging in Social Marketing. Social Marketing helps us adapt and exploit established commercial marketing practices to better understand our intended audiences and promote our initiatives. At our next event, Jennifer will deep-dive into tactics for connecting with the communities we seek, where they are, and in their language – so to speak. Combining and deploying tactics strategically, with a view to what resonates most deeply with our intended audiences, can significantly increase the power of our outreach programs. Please join us. Register for the Webinar This webinar is designed for the RDA Working and Interest Group Chairs and Members, but all are welcome to attend. The recording of Part 1 of this series can be found here