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CGD Software Engineer II

CGD Software Engineer II @ NCAR

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NSF NCAR, a world leader in weather and climate modeling, is seeking a software engineer to join our software engineering team supporting and enhancing our world-class Community Earth System Model (CESM) and System for Integrated Modeling of the Atmosphere (SIMA). SIMA will be a unified community atmospheric modeling framework tied to CESM and therefore your work will directly support research into many aspects of climate change.

Your skills will help support NSF NCAR’s vision of accelerating progress toward a thriving and sustainable society by developing state-of-the-art software for CESM and SIMA. We are looking for proactive individuals who enjoy finding solutions to complex software design problems. You will work with a dynamic team of in-person and hybrid software engineers. Our team collaborates with scientists to advance CESM and SIMA development and deliver state-of-the-art modeling solutions as well as more idealized modeling tools to the global atmospheric research community.