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SGX3 Community Project Manager, San Diego Supercomputer Center

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) is hiring! Looking for a Community Project Manager (Technical Project Manager) who will support the S4 Division as a community engagement manager for the Science Gateways Center of Excellence - a National Science Foundation funded project, and customers of hosted cyberinfrastructures. Apply at: by July 5, 2024.

Job description:

As a Technical Project Manager for the Science Gateways Center of Excellence (SGX3) projects and the Hubzero Platform, applies technical project management concepts and communication skill to drive successful project outcomes. Fosters effective communication as a cornerstone of project management, ensuring alignment and collaboration among project teams, vendors, stakeholders, and clients. Works under the supervision of the S3 Division Director and S3 Technical Services and Project Manager on daily technical activities as well as long-term objectives for designated projects in the division.

Implements project management and support strategies associated with science gateway platforms, tracking development planning and execution between internal and external collaborators as defined in the SGX3 proposal. Communicates with workforce development participants, including faculty, students, and professionals at U.S. based academic institutions, on SGX3 tasks. Organizes regular project-wide and small project meetings where detailed progress on projects are tracked including meeting deliverables and deadlines. Assembles project reporting materials for the preparation of SGX3 technical reports on impact metrics and future project directions to the funding agency, NSF.

Compiles and analyzes summary of project community satisfaction from captured survey responses, as well as organizes and analyzes data metrics from project software. Presents and shares quantifiable and qualitative survey results to the project team. Engages in post-mortem meetings, recommends improvement on projects and works with respective groups based on data findings. Engages with Hubzero Platform and other science gateways computing customers to facilitate, train and plan active development efforts between the development team and customer projects. Supports logistics associated with quarterly/annual reporting, interacts with the business office to keep up to date salary budgets for staff to grants, service contracts, and sub-awards. and communicates expectations to project participants and team members.

Collaboratively coordinates community outreach events (ie. webinars, annual Gateways conferences, and engagements at community conferences led by SGX3 co-PIs) which serves as vital platforms for engaging stakeholders, understanding community needs and expectations, and driving strategic outcomes such as strategy development, resource allocation, marketing, and support. In conjunction with the technical development teams, writes and submits papers to events, and presents results of technical development projects on-behalf of the team. Engages with stakeholders, technical team members and the broader community on projects involving multiple collaborators, clients, end-users and internal teams to understand the needs, concerns and expectations of the science community.

Work leadership and evaluation feedback for this position will be provided by a Technical Project Manager P3 position.


Day in the Life of the Community Project Manager

  • Communicating with leadership to track project impact measurements and support reporting on impacts
  • Communicating with SGX3 stakeholders and partners to share news, opportunities, and success stories to the community
  • Planning community events such as the annual conference, webinars, and workforce development events
  • Tracking engagement progress with team members during a consulting or technical advice engagement
  • Supporting customers questions and requests when hosted by the Hubzero, OneSciencePlace, or Sherlock frameworks
  • Communicating customer requests to senior project managers and development teams
  • Handling context switching between projects as needed
  • Keeping track of to-dos from multiple projects at once
  • Attending and leading some virtual meetings to sync with customers and team members



  • Bachelor's degree in related area and / or equivalent experience / training.
  • Requires basic knowledge of project management principles, theories, and concepts.
  • Requires effective communication and organization skills.
  • Demonstrated capacity to anticipate obstacles and plan for contingencies.
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative, as well as highly organized with attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated understanding of support ticket workflows and execution of best ticket workflow practices.