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Scientific Software Engineer with UI/UX Concentration, Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins Data Science and AI Institute (DSAI) is seeking a dynamic individual for the position of Scientific Software Engineer with UI/UX Concentration, with a focus on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design and development. The successful candidate will be a part of a cutting-edge research software engineering team at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), contributing to the advancement of novel open-source scientific software, and the creation of systems based on novel combinations of human and artificial intelligence and advanced data science methods. This role combines the strengths of scientific computing with expertise in UI/UX to drive innovation in high-value target projects identified across all areas of science, engineering, medicine, social science and policy.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  • The Scientific Software Engineer with UI/UX concentration will be responsible for collaborating on ground-breaking research projects that demand advanced software solutions. 
  • Designing and building innovative UI/UX solutions for DSAI projects in collaboration with software engineers, AI/ML engineers, data scientists, scientific subject matter experts and users.
  • Interfacing web applications with AI/ML models using the latest deep neural network (DNN) libraries trained on state-of-the-art hardware.
  • Working with data scientists to develop web applications for analyzing massive data sets, either in the cloud or on premises, and developing software pipelines for real-time high-frequency data processing workflows.
  • Working closely with internal and external stakeholders to understand interface and backend server needs, envisioning solutions, and developing wireframes, prototypes and functional requirements.
  • Developing application back-end servers, databases and APIs.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in a Quantitative Discipline, such as Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Bioinformatics or similar.
  • Strong scientific literacy and curiosity, ability to continually adapt to new scientific domains and problems and identify and articulate scientifically informed UI/UX and data visualization approaches.
  • Five or more years front and back-end software development experience in the following areas,
    • Front-end JavaScript web application development, HTML, CSS and TypeScript.
    • Multiple modern JavaScript application frameworks such as Node.js, React, Angular, Backbone, Svelte and Vue.
    • Experience in developing and integrating web services in Python using frameworks such as FastAPI, Starlette, Django and Flask.
    • Experience in developing and integrating backend application databases such as Postgres, MySQL and SQLite.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's Degree in a quantitative discipline.
  • Seven or more years of experience in the above areas.
  • Experience with advanced web-based computer graphics techniques and libraries such as D3.js and similar.
  • Experience designing and developing advanced scientific data visualizations.

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