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Webinar: Hosting Gateways on Bridges, a Converged HPC, AI, and Big Data Platform

August 8, 2018

Hosting Gateways on Bridges, a Converged HPC, AI, and Big Data Platform

Presented by Sergiu Sanielevici, Director, User Support for Scientific Applications, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Bridges converges high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and Big Data and offers a familiar and exceptionally flexible user environment, applicable to whatever data analytics or simulation exceed groups’ local capabilities. Supported by NSF award 1445606, Bridges is designed to enable communities and applications that traditionally have not used high performance computing (HPC). Science gateways provide a particularly effective means for bringing the power of HPC and high performance data analytics (HPDA) to domain experts and students having little or no exposure to HPC, HPDA, or even Linux. To drive science gateways, Bridges provides dedicated hardware for running persistent databases and web servers, together with virtual machines (VMs) and containers for provisioning specific, secure software environments. In this overview, we will describe the design and features of Bridges that are conducive to deploying science gateways. We will also highlight The Causal Web as an example that leverages key elements of HPDA (specifically, causal analysis using Bridges’ large-memory nodes) and Big Data.

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