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Webinar: Containers and Kubernetes—A Crash Course

July 10, 2019

Containers and Kubernetes—A Crash Course

Presented by Bob Killen, Research Cloud Administrator, and Jeffrey Sica, Research Database Administrator, Advanced Research Computing Technology Services at the University of Michigan

The container paradigm has shaken up developers and sysadmins alike. There is a steep learning curve in developing and hosting new applications, and the benefits may not be immediately observed. Containers offer gateways a reliable way to enable reproducible, self-contained applications in a lightweight, efficient, and fast environment. In addition, Kubernetes orchestrates containers to create a tightly-integrated system for automating deployment of containerized applications such as Docker. Over the next hour, Bob and Jeff will give a brief introduction to both Containers and Kubernetes in the hopes that the words won't be scary and new users will be able to ask the right questions.

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