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Webinar: How to Support Gateways via Community Building—Join the Gateway Ambassadors

December 11, 2019

How to Support Gateways via Community Building: Join the Gateway Ambassadors

Presented by

  • Sandra GesingAssociate Research Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Computational Scientist, Center for Research Computing, 
    University of Notre Dame
  • Gwen Jacobs, Director of Cyberinfrastructure at University of Hawaii System, Co-Director of UH's Data Science Institute
  • Julian Pistorius, Engineer, Research Computing and founder of ResBaz, University of Arizona
  • Annelie Rugg, Director & Humanities CIO, UCLA

Successful gateways require a diverse set of skills--from software development to sustainability planning to research-domain knowledge. Unfortunately, many researchers and educators are not aware that gateway specialists and mature frameworks are available to help with creating a gateway. To solve this problem, the Gateway Ambassadors Program is building a community of community-builders to spread awareness.

The program's goal is to support Gateway Ambassadors who facilitate gateways by reaching out to their on-campus community, their distributed community, or their networks in general. You can join the program to be a community builder or join simply to stay informed and benefit from our collection of support materials.

This webinar will share some background about this new program and review some of the resources and support materials available through the program. For further inspiration, three panelists will share their experiences with creating unique research computing communities on their campuses.

Webinar Slides (Gesing)

Webinar Slides (Pistorius)

Webinar Slides (Rugg)

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