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Webinar: PresQT—How to achieve FAIRness in your gateway

February 10, 2021

Presented by Sandra Gesing, Associate Research Professor, Notre Dame, and SGCI Team Member

The wide uptake of the concept FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse) in academia reflects the importance of sharing data and software for research and teaching. While the concept is widely used, metrics and tests to measure FAIRness are mostly still works in progress. The project PresQT (Preservation Quality Tool) serves as a boilerplate between repositories and science gateways, adding beneficial metadata and FAIR tests using FAIRsharing and FAIRShake. The PresQT services extend the science gateway landscape in a way that stakeholders can keep working in their chosen computational environment and receive additional features instead of having to switch to a different software. This webinar will introduce PresQT and FAIR and then demo the available PresQT services, especially the FAIR testing.

More about PresQT: PresQT and its standards-based design with RESTful web services have been informed via user-centered design and is a collaborative, open-source, implementation effort.  Current partners or implementations for open APIs include OSF, CurateND, EaaSI, GitHub, GitLab, Zenodo, figshare, WholeTale, Jupyter and HUBzero. To present the capabilities of PresQT to researchers, developers of computational solutions, users of PresQT services, and funding bodies, we have developed a demo user interface that allows testing of the different features of PresQT services. Visit to try it.

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