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Webinar: Using Tapis—APIs for Portable, Reproducible High Performance Computing in the Cloud

January 8, 2020

Using Tapis: APIs for Portable, Reproducible High Performance Computing in the Cloud

Presented by Julia Looney, Software Engineer, Cloud & Interactive Computing, and Richard Cardone, Research Engineering/Scientist Associate, Web & Cloud Services, Texas Advanced Computing Center

Part one of a series of webinars providing an introduction to a variety of gateway platforms that can be used for building new gateways. 

This webinar considers the challenges of running computationally intensive and high throughput applications in a reproducible, easy-to-use manner. To reach the widest audience, web-based applications tailored to specific domains provide gateways for different user communities. To avoid duplication of effort, there's a clear need for a middleware layer that mediates between those web applications and backend systems, such as supercomputers, cloud-based clusters, mass storage systems, and databases. Tapis fills this middleware need with a set of authentication, authorization, data transfer, job management, and function execution services that can span multiple data centers and manage batch, interactive, and streaming jobs. This webinar provides an overview of the recently announced, NSF-funded, Tapis project.

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