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Webinar: National Data Service (NDS) Labs Workbench

December 13, 2017

National Data Service (NDS) Labs Workbench: A Scalable Platform for Research Data Access, Education, and Training

Presented by Craig Willis, Technical Coordinator at NDS and Senior Research Programmer at National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The growing size and complexity of high-value scientific datasets are pushing the boundaries of traditional models of data access and discovery. Many large datasets are only accessible through the systems on which they were created or require specialized software or computational resources for re-use. In response to this growing need, the National Data Service (NDS) consortium is developing the Labs Workbench platform, a scalable, web-based system intended to support turn-key deployment of encapsulated data management and analysis tools to support exploratory analysis and development on cloud resources that are physically "near" the data and associated high-performance computing (HPC) systems.  The Labs Workbench may complement existing science gateways by enabling exploratory analysis of data and the ability for users to deploy and share their own tools. The Labs Workbench platform has also been used to support a variety training and workshop environments. In this webinar, I will present the Labs Workbench platform and discuss several key use cases. I will also discuss findings from the recent Workshop on Container Based Analysis Environments for Research Data Access and Computing which further highlighted compatibilities between science gateways and interactive analysis platforms such as Labs Workbench.

NDS Labs Workbench Webinar Slides

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