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Webinar: Do you have real-time, streaming-data, event-driven workflows? The Tapis Streams API can help.

July 14, 2021

Presented by Smruti Padhy, Engineering Scientist, Cloud and Interactive Computing group, Texas Advanced Computing Center

The Tapis framework, an NSF-funded project, is an open-source, scalable, API platform that enables researchers to perform distributed computational experiments securely and achieve faster scientific results with increased reproducibility. Tapis Streams API focuses on supporting scientific use cases that require working with real-time sensor data. The Streams Service, built on the top of the CHORDS time-series data service, allows storing, processing, annotating, querying, and archiving time-series data. This presentation will focus on the new Tapis Streams API functionality that enables researchers to design and execute real-time, data-event-driven workflows for their research. We describe the architecture and design choices towards achieving this new capability with Streams API. Specifically, we demonstrate the integration of Streams API with Kapacitor, a native data processing engine for time-series database InfluxDB, and Abaco, an NSF-funded project, web service, and distributed computing platform providing function-as-a-Service (FaaS). The Streams API, which includes a wrapper interface for the Kapacitor alerting system, can define and enable alerts. Finally, the water-quality use-case simulation results show that Streams API’s new capabilities can support real-time, streaming-data, event-driven workflows.

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