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Partner Details: EGI


EGI is a federated e-Infrastructure set up to provide advanced computing services for research and innovation.

The EGI e-infrastructure is publicly-funded and comprises hundreds of data centers and cloud providers spread across Europe and worldwide. EGI is coordinated by the EGI Foundation from Amsterdam.

EGI can offer assistance to the science gateway community by:

  • Brokering and delivering HTC, cloud and storage resources for science gateways from Europe, Asia-Pacific, and other EGI-partner regions, as well as from the European Open Science Cloud
  • Helping gateway developers find and choose technology partners in European cyber-infrastructure/e-infrastructure communities
  • Providing training, support, and certification about the FitSM and ISO27k standards, helping gateway operators increase the quality, availability, and security of their services
  • Organizing annual community events to bring together various stakeholders from the broader e-infrastructure and science gateway areas
  • Exchange good practices about bootcamp events and jointly organize such events in the European context for service providers.