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Partner Details: MathWorks


MathWorks is the creator of MATLAB, Simulink, and more than 80 add-on products that engineers and scientists apply to their exploration, design, and development efforts.

MATLAB and Simulink include tools and techniques for AI and data science, such as machine learning, deep learning, and signal and image processing, and for design and deployment of communications, automotive, robotics, and other research and production software and hardware systems.

MATLAB products are used throughout academia, research, and industry.

MATLAB Tools available to the SGCI community for sharing and collaboration include

  • MATLAB Live Editor To develop MATLAB scripts that combine code, output, and formatted text in an executable notebook. Host or link to discipline-related collections of notebook scripts.
  • MATLAB File Exchange To share free, downloadable community-developed MATLAB tools. Showcase toolboxes and apps from the community on your Science Gateways
  • MATLAB Online To use MATLAB and Simulink through a web browser for teaching and research
  • MATLAB Web Apps and MATLAB Web App Server To host MATLAB apps and Simulink simulations as browser-based apps for on lab sites and gateway web sites
  • MATLAB in the Cloud To integrate MATLAB into cloud environments, including support for Docker containers

MATLAB is already hosted on various science gateways, such as, for use by hydrologists, and, for reproducibility and reuse.

Learn more about MATLAB and offerings for research and teaching

If you’re interested in integrating MATLAB and MATLAB tools into your platforms, contact MathWorks.