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  1. EcologyPlus

    09 May 2024

    Our Mission: EcologyPlus connects diverse college students and early career scientists with timely and relevant career opportunities and a community of peers and professionals in ecology and related careers across all sectors.What is EcologyPlus? ...

  2. MicroScope

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    MicroScope is a web-based platform for microbial comparative genome analysis and manual functional annotation.

  3. Suave

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    The project is currently funded by National Science Foundation under award ACI-1443082 “EAGER: Development of a Novel Online Visual Survey Data Analysis Tool and Assessment of its Capabilities to Enhance Learning of Quantitative Research Methods

  4. SETI@Home

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    SETI@home is a scientific experiment, based at UC Berkeley, that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

  5. Compute Canada

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    Compute Canada enables Canadian researchers to perform world-class research using Advanced Research Computing (ARC) strategies. The organization helps researchers who need ARC in all disciplines and at all scales; from individual researchers to some of the largest...

  6. CyVerse

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    CyVerse fills a niche created by the computing epoch and a rapidly evolving world. Developing solutions to today’s grand scientific challenges means that we must understand how the organisms that contribute to our food, fuels, and ecosystem are shaped by interactions...

  7. Manylabs

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    Manylabs is a community hacker space or open science and Education. We hold public events and provide a residency program for people working on their own projects

  8. PlantingScience

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    PlantingScience is a free online resource to teachers and schools. The program provides volunteer scientists, resources, and activities to support innovation in teaching, learning, and mentoring. Open education resources are shared for student-centered plant...

  9. cdmHUB

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    cdmHUB is the premier online portal for composites resources, information, and networking. We host a rapidly growing collection of composites apps and commercial tools that run in the cloud and are accessible through a web browser. cdmHUB also provides...

  10. MyGeoHub

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    This hub supports the geospatial modeling, data analysis and visualization needs of the broad research and education communities through hosting of groups, datasets, tools, training materials, and educational contents.

  11. GlobalHUB

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    GlobalHUB is a virtual global community of students, faculty, and practitioners, interested in global engineering and global citizenship. The specific mission of GlobalHUB is to create an online community of scholars, practitioners, and students to advance global...

  12. SERC

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    The Science Education Resource Center (SERC) is a grant-funded office at Carleton College, founded to improve education in the Earth sciences and beyond.

  13. QUBEShub

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    To improve learning opportunities for all students enrolled in undergraduate biology courses by reflecting the centrality of quantitative approaches in modern biology.


    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways is a free online citizen science platform developed by the Community Lab at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, is used by hundreds of individuals and organizations to gather and access citizen science...

  15. StemedHUB

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    This site represents a collection of projects all focused on transforming education to improve learning and retention in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

  16. EDISON for Everything for Computational Science & Engineering

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    This science gateway in KISTI, South Korea, is for the bridge to computational science for education and advanced research.

  17. NCI Community Hub

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    The NCI Community Hub is a site for community research and collaboration in cancer research and informatics. Users can share resources, host online communities, and use collaboration tools . These resources are available to visitors ...

  18. VIDIA

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    Virtual Infrastructure for Data Intensive Analysis (VIDIA) unites SUNY Oneonta and University at Buffalo's Center for Computational Research to support the analysis of large datasets by social science students at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs). VIDIA is...


    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways is an evolving web resource and the subject of a new project funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to define the elements of a cyberinfrastructure initiative that will serve the global heat transfer community. In Summer 2007, nearly twenty...

  20. metastudio

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    A platform evolving as an online academy for collaborative learning with a focus on the culture of learning as against content for learning. This platform is being made and maintained by the gnowledge lab of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Tata Institute of...

  21. Simiode

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    An open community of teachers and learners using modeling first differential equations in an original way.

  22. COCALC

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    CoCalc(Collaborative Calculation in the Cloud) is a sophisticated web service for online computation and provides the collaborative environment to share your files privately with project collaborators.

  23. MetaboAnalyst

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    MetaboAnalyst aims to offer a variety of commonly used procedures for metabolomic data processing, normalization, multivariate statistical analysis, as well as data annotation.

  24. MERLOT

    09 May 2024 | Science Gateways

    MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) is a curated collection of free and open online teaching, learning, and faculty development services contributed and used by an international education community.