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Plant Genomics

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Plant genomics is a simple expansion of the scope of genomics at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). NCBI provides the tools for storage of and analysis of nucleotide sequence such as, respectively, GenBank and BLAST and the capability to provide evidence-based annotation of RefSeq genome sequence. In addition genomics at NCBI includes NCBI-curated resources such as 1) RefSeq, 2) Entrez Probes, and 3) Entrez Gene, as well as databases and services for a) viewing genome units (Map Viewer), b) organizing the library elements contributing to the genome sequence (CloneDB) and c)projecting annotation from one coordinate system to another (remap). These standalone resources and tools are enhanced at NCBI by the capability to direct a user among these and other databases as the data associations dictate.






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