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  1. CyVerse

    09 May 2024

    CyVerse fills a niche created by the computing epoch and a rapidly evolving world. Developing solutions to today’s grand scientific challenges means that we must understand how the organisms that contribute to our food, fuels, and ecosystem are shaped by interactions...

  2. GraphWeb

    09 May 2024

    GraphWeb is a public web server for graph-based analysis of biological networks that:analyses directed and undirected, weighted and unweighted heterogeneous networks of genes, proteins and microarray probesets for many eukaryotic genomes;integrates...

  3. Rosetta@Home

    09 May 2024

    Rosetta@home needs your help to determine the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins in research that may ultimately lead to finding cures for some major human diseases. By running the Rosetta program on your computer while you don't need it you will help us speed up and...

  4. Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO)

    09 May 2024

    The Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO) staff members work with investigators to serve data online from research projects funded by the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Sections, the Division of Polar Programs Arctic Sciences and...