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    09 Feb 2022 is a free online citizen science platform developed by the Community Lab at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, is used by hundreds of individuals and organizations to gather and access citizen science...

  2. European Geothermal Information Platform (EGIP)

    11 Sep 2019

    EGIP is the new, modern and flexible framework for geothermal data management in Europe

  3. DFC (DataNet Federation Consortium)

    11 Sep 2019

    Major science and engineering initiatives are dependent upon massive data collections that comprise observational data, experimental data, simulation data, and engineering data. To support science and engineering collaborations, a policy-driven national data...

  4. iRODS

    11 Sep 2019

    The Integrated Rule Oriented Data System, iRODS, is open source data management software designed to manage data sets that are big, important, and complex. Hundreds of organizations worldwide use iRODS to control their records and research data. ...

  5. COINS(Collaborative Informatics Neuroimaging Suite)

    11 Sep 2019

    COINS(Collaborative Informatics Neuroimaging Suite) is a end-to-end web-based data management system. This tool suite provides an intuitive interface for easy data collection and management as well as rapid sharing among internal and external investigators. It offers...

  6. Globus: Research data management simplified

    11 Sep 2019

    Globus is a secure, reliable research data management service. With Globus, you can move, share, publish & discover data via a single interface. Whether your files live on a supercomputer, lab cluster, tape archive, public cloud or your laptop, you can manage them...