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  1. CyVerse

    09 May 2024

    CyVerse fills a niche created by the computing epoch and a rapidly evolving world. Developing solutions to today’s grand scientific challenges means that we must understand how the organisms that contribute to our food, fuels, and ecosystem are shaped by interactions...

  2. DataOne

    09 May 2024

    DataONE is a community driven project providing access to data across multiple member repositories, supporting enhanced search and discovery of Earth and environmental data. DataONE promotes best practices in data management through responsive educational resources...

  3. EarthCube

    09 May 2024

    EarthCube was initiated by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2011 to transform geoscience research by developing cyberinfrastructure to improve access, sharing, visualization, and analysis of all forms of geosciences data and related resources. As a...

  4. VRE4EIC

    09 May 2024

    The VRE4EIC project addresses key data and software challenges in supporting multidisciplinary data driven sciences

  5. SmarterAgriculture

    09 May 2024

    This Smarter Agriculture™ platform will provide plant science researchers with a data management infrastructure that will organize data from many disparate streams in a cohesive way.

  6. OpenMI

    09 May 2024

    The OpenMI (Open Modeling Interface) Standard is a software component interface definition. It was originally conceived to facilitate the simulation of interacting processes, particularly environmental processes. It did so by enabling independent models of the...