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  1. The Agave Platform

    05 Oct 2020

    The Agave Platform is an open source, Science-as-a-Service solution for hybrid cloud computing. It provides a collection of RESTful web services that covering everything from standards-based authentication and authorization to computational, data, and...

  2. CANARIE's Research Platforms

    11 Sep 2019

    The goal of CANARIE’s Research Software Program is to accelerate discovery and give Canada a first-mover advantage in accessing and leveraging digital infrastructure resources and tools.

  3. CANARIE Research Software Registry

    11 Sep 2019

    A listing of science gateways (platforms) and other research software components funded by CANARIE and contributed by Canadian researchers

  4. Genetics and Genomics Analysis Platform (GenAP)

    11 Sep 2019

    GenAP is a computing platform for life sciences researchers that leverages both the CANARIE high-speed network and Compute Canada's High Performance Computing (HPC) resources to give researchers access to modern and specialized Web services closely integrated to HPC...

  5. Research Platform for Smart Facilities Management (RP-SMARF)

    11 Sep 2019

    Research Platform for Smart Facilities Management (RP-SMARF) is the first cloud-based platform to allow widely-dispersed researchers to share scattered data analysis tools, databases and expertise toward building smart facilities in the increasingly interconnected...

  6. ArcticConnect

    11 Sep 2019

    ArcticConnect is a network-enabled platform for realizing geospatial referencing of information about the arctic system derived from research, education, and private sector activities in the arctic and subarctic.