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Collaborative Environment for Scholarly Research and Analysis (CoESRA)

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The CoESRA provides CentOS Linux based virtual desktop environment with tools like RStudio, Canopy (IDE for python and Notebook), Kepler Scientific Workflow, KNIME, QGIS, Panoply and OpenRefine. All these tools can be accessible by logging into a CoESRA website using an Australian Access Federation (AAF). Following are some of the salient features of CoESRA: Provide virtual desktop environment accessible via a web browser, Ability to store data for both public and private use inside the environment, Tools to enable users to create, execute and share simulations, Ability to use Nimrod K with Kepler scientific workflow to distribute jobs, Provide access to re-usable repeatable Kepler scientific workflows. A user is able to access the virtual desktop from their web browser (Google Chrome is highly recommended) once the registration process is completed.






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