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  1. 20th Century Reanalysis Project

    11 Sep 2019

    The goal of this project is to use a Kalman filter-based technique to produce a global tropospheric circulation dataset at four-times-daily resolution back to 1851. Previously, the only dataset available for the early 20th century consisted of error-ridden hand-drawn...

  2. 3D-DART

    05 Oct 2020

    3D-DART server (3DNA-Driven DNA Analysis and Rebuilding Tool) provides an easy interface to a powerful collection of tools for the generation of DNA-structural models in custom conformations. The computational engine beyond the server makes use of the 3DNA software...


    11 Sep 2019

    A web-based research platform focused on developing and disseminating new technologies for enhanced resolution 3-dimensional electron microscopy.

  4. AATS Quality Gateway

    12 Nov 2020

    The AATS Quality Gateway is designed to help our patients and our specialty with accurate risk assessment, modern analytics, and peer-to-peer collaboration.

  5. Abaco

    31 Oct 2019

    Abaco is a web service and distributed system that combines the actor model of concurrent computation, Linux containers into a web services platform that provides functions-as-a-service. In Abaco, actor registered in the system is associated with a Docker image....


    11 Sep 2019

    ADCIRC is a system of computer programs for solving time dependent, free surface circulation and transport problems in two and three dimensions. These programs utilize the finite element method in space allowing the use of highly flexible, unstructured grids. Typical...


    11 Sep 2019

    AGINFRA+ aims to exploit core e-infrastructures such as D4Science,, OpenAIRE and EUDAT, towards the evolution of the AGINFRA data infrastructure, so as to provide a sustainable channel addressing adjacent but not fully connected user communities around...

  8. All-Sky Virtual Observatory

    11 Sep 2019

    ASVO provides a direct and vital link between the theoretical and observational aspects of data collection and analysis. It enables researchers to access a growing collection of theoretical and observational datasets, via a distributed network of ASVO “Nodes”. ...

  9. All-Sky Virtual Observatory (ASVO)

    11 Sep 2019

    ASVO will enable federated data access and analysis by providing International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) compliant services and data access mechanisms. ASVO is designed to be flexible and expandable, with the potential for future incorporation of...

  10. Allen Institute

    11 Sep 2019

    The Allen Institute is dedicated to answering some of the biggest questions in bioscience and accelerating research worldwide.

  11. Allen Institute for Brain Science

    11 Sep 2019

    The Allen Institute for Brain Science is dedicated to understanding how the human brain works in health and disease.

  12. Allen Institute for Cell Science

    11 Sep 2019

    The Allen Cell Explorer is the data portal for the Allen Institute for Cell Science, where you can explore our publicly available data, tools and models. The portal provides an unprecedented view into the organizational diversity of human stem cells by combining...

  13. Alveo

    11 Sep 2019

    Alveo is a virtual laboratory that provides human communication science researchers all over Australia with infrastructure to store data collections, analysis tools, and workflows in a common environment, allowing researchers to study speech, language, text, and...

  14. Amber

    11 Sep 2019

    Amber is a suite of biomolecular simulation programs. The term "Amber" refers to two things. First, it is a set of molecular mechanical force fields for the simulation of biomolecules (these force fields are in the public domain, and are used in a variety of...

  15. Amos Gateway

    09 Feb 2022

    The overarching goal of the project is create a comprehensive cyberinfrastructure for the atomic, molecular, and optical science (AMOS) community where practitioners can access a synergistic, full-scope platform for computational AMOS. The developers...

  16. AMP Gateway for Atomic and Molecular Physics

    16 Oct 2019

    AMPGateway is an online portal that hosts a suite of codes being developed by the atomic and molecular physics community to study a variety of problems involving the time-independent and time-dependent Schrödinger equation. They include the calculation of cross...


    09 Feb 2022 is a free online citizen science platform developed by the Community Lab at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, is used by hundreds of individuals and organizations to gather and access citizen science...

  18. Apache Airavata

    11 Sep 2019

    Apache Airavata is a software framework that enables you to compose, manage, execute, and monitor large scale applications and workflows on distributed computing resources such as local clusters, supercomputers,computational grids, and computing clouds.

  19. Apache CouchDB

    07 Nov 2019

    Apache CouchDB is open source database software that focuses on ease of use and having a scalable architecture. It has a document-oriented NoSQL database architecture and is implemented in the concurrency-oriented language Erlang; it uses JSON to store data,...

  20. Apollo

    11 Sep 2019

    Apollo is first instantaneous, collaborative genomic annotation editor available on the Web. It is designed to support geographically dispersed researchers, and the work of a distributed community is coordinated through automatic synchronization: all edits in one...

  21. AquaMaps

    11 Sep 2019

    AquaMaps is a tool for generating model-based, large-scale predictions of natural occurrences of species. For marine species, the model uses estimates of environmental preferences with respect to depth, water temperature, salinity, primary productivity, and...

  22. Aquavit

    11 Sep 2019

    The WV Aquavit collaboration portal, based on HUBzero, is a product of the Appalachian Freshwater Initiative (AFI) project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the EPSCoR RII Track 1 program [NSF Award 1458952]. It is a resource for research,...

  23. ArcticConnect

    11 Sep 2019

    ArcticConnect is a network-enabled platform for realizing geospatial referencing of information about the arctic system derived from research, education, and private sector activities in the arctic and subarctic.

  24. Arctos: Collaborative Collection Management Solution

    11 Sep 2019

    Arctos is an ongoing effort to integrate access to specimen data, collection-management tools, and external resources on the internet.

  25. ARGs - Gateway

    11 Sep 2019

    Much global attention has been paid to antibiotic resistance in monitoring its emergence, accumulation and dissemination. For rapid characterization and quantification of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in metagenomic datasets, an online analysis pipeline,...