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Collaborators Program

We build long-term strategic collaborations with a variety of organizations and projects to benefit the SGCI community.

Some objectives of the SGCI Collaborators Program are to:

  • Leverage the expertise of complementary organizations to support and advise the gateway community in the best possible way.
  • Exchange existing services to provide the best array of services to gateway clients.
  • Cross-promote resources and services offered by SGCI and our partners.
  • Provide a streamlined process to access resources and services provided by a partner.
  • As appropriate, provide student exchange or internship opportunities.

Interested organizations will collaboratively develop a Letter of Commitment that includes background information on the organization and a description of how the organization’s services/resources are augmented by involvement in SGCI as well as how it is anticipated that SGCI will benefit from the collaboration.

Apply to be a collaborator.

You can browse our current collaborators, which are listed below in four categories:

  1. Funded Partners are those who have written SGCI into proposals or service agreements.
  2. Partners are those who would like to be connected with SGCI but provide no funding.
  3. Affiliates are entities that are seeking opportunities for marketing and growing awareness of their products and offerings with the SGCI community.
  4. Participants and those who are funded by NSF to provide services to SGCI.

For more information on this program, contact, or apply to be a collaborator here.

Funded Partners

Click on the logos to learn more about the services they offer in partnership with SGCI.



  • Globus logo
  • Jetstream logo



  • BOINC logo



The following participating organizations are funded to provide services to SGCI.


  • Association of Computer Information Sciences and Engineering Departments at Minority Institutions (ADMI)

  • University of Notre Dame

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