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FAQ for Science Gateways 2024

Science Gateways 2024 Annual Conference

The Gateways conference series is hosted each year at a location in the US. Gateways 2024 is excited to be coming to Bozeman, MT!
Join us as we continue to bridge the connection between science and gateways.

Science Gateways 2024 - FAQ


What are the evening activities?

  • There will be dinners on the first two nights of the conference, included in your registration fee. If you would like to bring a guest, you can pay for them during your registration process.

What is BYoP?

  • Bring Your own Portal.  A portion of the program which allows gateway owners to show off their gateways.

I'm presenting a session or tutorial. What do I need to know?

  • Please refer to the Conference Program page for details about submitting your final paper and presentation slides, room setups, and more.

Will conference attendees have access to free WiFi?

  • Yes, free WiFi is available at the main conference hotel. 
  • The conference will be held at the Best Western Plus GranTree Inn in Bozeman, MT.  

I am presenting a poster during the evening reception on Monday, will there be a place I can store my poster during the day?

  • Yes, there will be a designated place where posters can be safely stored. 

I am leaving for the airport right after the conference concludes. Will there be a place where I can store my suitcase and other belongings during the day?

  • Yes, space is available for those who would like to store their luggage, posters, etc. before they depart for the airport.

Are meals served at Gateways 2024?

  • Yes! We will have meals and snacks provided during the conference

What is the dress code for Gateways 2024?

  • Business casual to casual! We are a relaxed group and want you to be comfortable as you attend. 

I have hearing difficulties. Is there a way I can hear the speakers better?

  • Please let us know during registration if this applies to you and we will provide alternatives.

I have a walker or a wheelchair. Will I be able to move around easily during the conference?

  • We are having the hotel arrange tables for both the speaker sessions as well as the meals far enough apart so there is easy access for those with mobility aids.

I am a speaker/presenter and I am not able to easily use stairs.  Will there be a way for me to easily get up on stage?

  • Yes. We have arranged for a ramp to the stage.

I am not able to sit for long periods of time. Is there a place where I could stand intermittently or for an extended period of time?

  • Yes - the hotel will be setting up "highboy" tables that can be used for this.

I have a religious food practices/food allergies/diet restrictions.  Can you make accommodations for me?

  • Yes. We have briefed the kitchen with these possibilities, and they are able to handle needs such as these. Please include your requests in the registration form.

I have migraines. If I get one during the conference is there someone I can ask to dim the lights?

  • Yes, the rooms have the ability to dim the lights.  Please just ask one of the conference leads.

Do you know if there are any child care options or events that children could attend while their parents are at the conference?

Will there be a space of low lighting at the conference?

  • We will dim the lights durning the plenary at the back of the room for anyone that needs lower lighting at times.

What if I need to be closer to the screen to read slides?

  • We will reserve tables at the front of the room.

What if I want to enjoy Yellowstone during my time in Bozeman?

Cancellation Policy?

  • The last day to request a registration refund is September 23, 2024. Please email us at with your request and we will issue a credit to your original form of payment. You will need to cancel your hotel through the hotel directly.

Is there a Code of Conduct?