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Speakers at Gateways 2024

Science Gateways 2024 Annual Conference

The Gateways conference series is hosted each year at a location in the US. Gateways 2024 is excited to be coming to Bozeman, MT!
Join us as we continue to bridge the connection between science and gateways.

Kiana L Frank

Kiana L. Frank


Title: Hawaiian Microbiome Gateway: Bridging Indigenous Wisdom and Data Science for a Sustainable Future


Kiana Frank is an Assistant Professor with the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. Frank is a part of the Pacific Biosciences Research Center (PBRC). Frank uses modern techniques in microbiology, molecular biology and geochemistry to complement and expand upon the observations of her kūpuna. With a unique blend of storytelling and scientific rigor, she brings to light the intricate workings of the world. From the tiniest microorganisms to the vastness of nature, Frank unravels mysteries of the unseen to deepen humankind’s understanding of and relationship to place. Read more about Frank and her research in microbial community dynamics

Jeanette Sperhac

Jeanette Sperhac


Title: Gateways and AI: A Blueprint for Exploration


Jeanette Sperhac is a Senior Research Software Engineer with the Science Gateways Center of Excellence (SGX3) at San Diego Supercomputer Center. Sperhac has extensive experience supporting science gateway communities, including nanoHUB and science gateways using the Hubzero Platform. Sperhac works closely with science gateway teams to provide enhanced metric, search capabilities, and leading inquiries into integrating gateways with AI functionality. Read more about the SGX3 Blueprint Factories and the AI Blueprint Factory.